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Zermix Skincare Commercial

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Hi steemians,

so here is an ad of a new skincare line i did. Zermix is a skincare of sensitive skin which i really what i like and not the super whitening creams they push here and Asian. I really do think that those will eventually harm your skin in the long run and i see many elder women here in Thailand with skin problems due to over use of lightening and generate sensitivity to the sunlight. The market here is totally different than in the western world. We have hot sun all year long so when i travel from a hot temperature to cold temperature place, i do tend to pack different skin care but always one like this to prevent any sensitivity i might have.



I hope you enjoy This post !!

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Much love, Suzana


My video is at DLive

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oh wow
I wish those creams could reach my country to test them


Thank you :)

Nice skincare creams. But we don't have those here.
Anyways want to tell you that you are beautiful.

cream for beauty ...every where huge and tiny industries running on beauty products.its new to see and i think its a good one..nice

The year-round solar heat also occurs in Indonesia, as a tropical country. Hopefully Zermix Skincare products are successful and selling in the market.

Have a nice day @suerisue.. :)