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New ticker widget :: UPDATE v0.14

Today's update is not the biggest update but we want to improve our site and that's why we added new dlive widget. Now you can get animated horizontal list of your upvotes, followers or gifts. You can customize colors, custom messages, shadows ect.




Change Log


  • Front End
    • Added ticker widget
  • Back End
    • Added support for ticker widget
  • Ticker widget
    • Customize font family, color and size of font
    • Customize shadow color and size
    • Customize text scroll speed and distance

Lista Zmian


  • Front End
    • Dodano widget pasek informacji
  • Back End
    • Dodano wsparcie dla paska informacji
  • Ticker widget
    • Dostosuj rodzinę czcionek, kolor i rozmiar czcionki
    • Dostosuj kolor i rozmiar cieni
    • Dostosuj szybkość przewijania tekstu i odległość



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I'm sorry for all grammatical mistakes, I'm trying hard to write as best as i can.



Na stronie kalkulatora wartości upvote'a jest napisana cena 1.109 za STEEM oraz 1.07, może lepiej z jednego źródła pobierać cenę?

Obecnie cena pod nazwą użytkownika jest pobierana z coinmarketcap czyli jest to średnia cena na giełdzie a cena w kalkulatorze jest pobierana bezpośrednio ze steema. Zobaczymy co da się w tej sprawie zrobić.

Hi, good morning, is ther any way to make this works on Dtube?

No, there is no option to use this on dtube.

Hi! I have problem with ticker widget.
When I go to Ticker tab

Over entire ticker block i have two info:

Notice: Undefined index: followText in /var/www/html/include/tickers.php on line 5

Notice: Undefined index: giftText in /var/www/html/include/tickers.php on line 6 "

And text in preview go so fast that there is problem to read it. but I can't change speed option and others option too.

Thank you for report a bug. Your problem should be fixed.

Hello. My English is not so good, so I hope I can express myself understandably.
I tested Steemitlabs today and had fun with it, but I noticed a problem with the new ticker. The more upvotes you get, the faster the text gets. Well, by that I mean very quickly.
You can have a look at the test stream.


From minute 50 a lot of votes come in, which I bought for testing. Since I noticed before that it was getting faster and faster.
If you then save it in the ticker settings, it becomes normally fast again, but almost all votes are missing.

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I have the same problem as you have too! 😅

We are going to fix this in new version.

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