Steemit helping hands presents a sum of 70,000naira(60SBD) to @lolajanet to foot bills for her ectopic pregnancy surgery

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Good day steemians, steemit helping hands has recorded yet another success, since we embarked on our journey to render help and save lives through the steem blockchain.

Exactly 8 days ago @steemhelpinghand made a post concerning a steemian @lolajanet, who was left undischarged at the hospital after a surgery for ectopic pregnancy due to the fact that the was unable to foot her hospital bills, yesterday been 8th of march 2018 at steem helping hands visited at lolajanet at the hospital cleared the remain portion of hospital bills, with the total sum of 70,000 which is an estimate of 60SBD and we also helped her back to her home successfully.


Today we are happy to present to you @lolajanet from the comfort of her home saying a big thank you to steemit community for thier, love, support and contributions.

We got SBD donations from


The total donation of 18SBD and 1steem was received and the total sbd of 23SBD was paid from our post due to the dip in the price of steem, which is a total of 43SBD and 1steem @steemhelpinghand team donated extra 16SBD I order to acquire the required amount,

A huge thanks to this noble steemians for thier constant creation support


We say a huge THANK YOU to steemit community we express our sincere gratitude, we would not have made it this far without all your love and support.

All donations and supports towards towards this project should be sent to @steemhelpinghand

I do not have SBD or power to donate and contribute how can I help this project

Kindly upvote, Comment and resteem and show us the little love you can afford a drops of water makes up an ocean

What happens to extra funds and donations?

when we do get the required amount for this project from the post @steemhelpinghand will be going to the hospital, to make payment, and proof of work will be shared with the community. Liquid payout from this post will be used for that course.

The non-liquid payout(steempower) will be used to create more awareness for the project, support other charity projects on steemit, also used to keep all new members @steemhelpinghand bring into the community.

My video is at DLive


steemit platform is evsrything but this is so impressive...spreading the good work of steem and its application to save lives and improve standard of living is one way of getting more people involve in the community. this looks like one of the things #steemjet is about and am so sure @dimimp would be amazed in the good work y'all are doing. am in the medical profession and i totally understand what ectopic pregnancy is a nightmare if not handles well. you guys did so well..resteemed

Thank you so much @jazicothyrus, good to have your contribution on this just searched for @dimimp on discord but could not get him we probably do not share the same discord channels.

You guys have done a great job. Well done and thanks for helping people

So amazing to see that this platform is helping so many people in so many place. :) Power to y'all! Have to keep my eyes out so I can help next time with some SBD.

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Good job friend

Hello @tsteemhelpinghand,

You have received up-vote from @steempeninsula account courtesy of @bob-elr and team.
Keep writing good post.

Support our project to help us grow our account and help more people.

For enquiry, connect to us via Discord

Es hermoso ver que hay personas que puedan ayudar a los màs necesitados y en esta comunidad hay muchas de buen corazón, soy nueva y no tengo steem dólar pero voy a reesteemear este post, saludos

Absolutely brilliant. I am so thrilled to see this project meet its targets. You guys are 100% amazing. Well done to you all. This is the sort of thing I would like to talk to people about when I meet investors who are looking for projects to put their funds into, which also have a humanitarian angle to them.

Good day sir, thank you for your words of encouragement, and your support so far.

God bless you!


Great Job... God bless you all