Montage for Promoting Steemcamp Audition/Meetup City tour NIgeria

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A social and entertainment initiative powered to empower you !

In our quest to facilitate financial freedom for young minds, We present ..

One Steem Stage is an opportunity for talented individuals in Music, dancing , comedy , acting, etcetera.

Miss Steem Nigeria pageant is for our beautiful,intelligent and smart divas

:moneybag::moneybag::moneybag: Mouth watering prizes to be won from the two (2) categories. :moneybag::moneybag::moneybag:

Got what it takes ?

Log on to our website :point_right:🤳 to purchase your forms - Free!

Auditions will hold in Six( 6 )states

Abuja - 13th April at Atlas international hotel . Gwagwalada .

Enugu - 20th April at Blue island hotel , No.12 bissala road , independence layout

PORT HARCOURT ..APRIL 27TH @ Lesuka, Peter Odili road .

Warri - May 4th @ Silver link hotel, airport road,

Benin city.. May 10th @ Tips bar ekewan road .

Lagos .. May 17th at C.Villa hotel ,Lekki Ajah

This show is proudly sponsored by S.I.N 2.0, @dlive and @steemnaira

Supported by @teamsteem @adsactly @lukestokes @sircork @ackza @eturnerx
For More Participation guidance or Advert placement and support
Whatsapp or call

+2347012133334 +2347066501946 +2347026000076

Join Us on Discord

Don't miss out!

This Event is Powered by STEEM

My video is at DLive


The ball is rolling, the drums are really loud we can hear them from far distance, what exactly STEEM CAMP EVENT is here. One stage I @mediahousent (official blockchain host) can't wait to mount and blaze the audience minds. I can proudly say we have done well so far putting this together @steemcamp and a very big thanks to all our backbones for supporting this project thus far @dlive @sin2.0 @steemnaira @lukestokes @adsactly @teamsteem @sircock and so on.
Thank you!

That's what it is.. Thanks for keeping it real

Ohh yees!! this is big!! this is good <3 i'm looking forward to see all these talented people showing their skills!!

This is the magic of the steem power!! we can make people's dream happen!

Amazing comment malos10.

I wonder why this wonderful initiative has not received massive support from the community. Keep pushing @michaelcj and team. @ehiboss of SIN initiative has been a chief supporter of Nigeria projects. Thanks to him.

Kudos to @steemcamp team. Resteemed

@eurogee of @euronation community

Resteemed. You are so right @eurogee. @michaelcj is so hardworking and deserves any level of support from steemit community.

Its well my brother. We shall get there soon. As far as its a just course

Hey @Michaelcj,
Great one my brother. Keep on keeping on. The end will definitely justify the means. I will endeavour to attend the Warri event!
Steemcamp to the moon!

Interesting. I await Enugu tour

I could hear the echoing voice of steemcamp, and I was brought here.

Steemcamp is waxing stronger.


WOW! Great post! Awesome sound and great performance.Thanks for sharing this great post steemcamp.
I Upvote you.

We are going to have a bundle of talented folks,.... Let's keep the fire burning.
Thanks for sharing

Wish i had physical talent i can participate in

Only have brain talent

Is good you have brain talent. lets see how you can make use of it. hope to see you are the meet up

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We will all make it happen, thanks

Thank you very much for remaining steemians about the upcoming steemcamp event.

I was really looking for the complete information about the program and you have giving it all out here.....Nice one.

Resteemed and upvoted...

yes yes yes steemcamp on point......

Wonderful, this is the first of its kind...i cant wait to see our first miss steem, you got a nice creativity here

Wow😍😍this sounds fun, I don’t wanna miss out.

Wow this guys too much ohhhhhhhhhhhh

This is going to be louuuuuuuuddddddd!!!!!!! Hope to be there.

Wow nice so this is where i finally get to BLOW.....

Eleyi ma loud gan.... Let the world hear it, tanlended people are here on steemit and it's time to show them to the world..

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