My Entry for The First Official #ulog Contest

in dlive •  5 months ago


Hi Everyone!

These are my entries into @surpassinggoogles The First Official #ulog Contest.

Still having fun!!

Below are some of the rules to follow to play along!! It's a lot of fun and very easy too!!

We prepare now!
In this #ulog contest, we simply want you to create a video, which you will post on and submit as a comment underneath this post. You will use these 3 tags among your tags:
#ulog #ulog-dlive #ulog-noedits
Remember that @ulogs and every thing i do (on steemit and beyond) carry an un(dis)talented paradigm, so "flaws allowed" (relegate reservations) but as importantly, "no losers", for every participant will win something.

We simply want you to do a playful video, "with you or what constitutes you" in it, where you are found saying the words ULOGS, ULOGGING, ULOGGER, ULOGGERS etc (within your sentences) without pronouncing the sound from letter "U" or the sound "YOU".


Share a smile today. It cannot hurt!





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My video is at DLive

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OMG Snook's laugh is just precious!! More vodka and tongue twisters lolollolo


:D thanks :D I had so much fun!!

Amazing entry. I did watch your video. You are good. Will be uploading mine soon.


Thank you!!!


what a beautiful video. i also join Dlive today i upload my first video today please also see my video and upvote.

I still need to try the ulog thing
Cos you know
In one word, ulog
You know...
Just like that like in ulog ;)
You are so funny


I'm SO happy I made you laugh :D

Made my day!!

Very nice 👍👍👍