The 5th SteemGigs Discord Talk Show (The Recording, EDITED VERSION)

in dlive •  last year  (edited)

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SteemGigs Discord Talk Show is presented to you by Sir Terry aka @surpassinggoogle. The show tackles different subjects regarding Steemit and some projects of @surpassinggoogle like, TIL, untalented, teardrops and the noisemaker #ulog.

I had trouble joining the SteemGigs Discord voice channel last Sunday due technical difficulties, so I missed a portion of the show. But I was able to record the rest of the show including the ‘after party.’ This is an edited version of the 5th SteemGigs Discord Talk Show, the after party is not included. The length of this recording is 64 minutes.

Put your earphones on and listen to Sir Terry.


Note: This is an edited version of the show. Most dull moments (dead air, distorted sounds, etc.) were deleted to further emphasize the more important things being discussed and to minimize the length of the audio/video as well.
5th SteemGigs Discord Talk Show May 27, 2018

My video is at DLive


Let's show our support to Sir @surpassinggoogle for his generous heart by voting him as a witness. Visit > type “steemgigs” at the first search box.
Visit again
and type " surpassinggoogle" in the second box as a proxy

Thank you @saskia for this wonderful banner.

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Araratan madam! :-)

Wow edited version na :)

Oh it's amazing... you are so awesome that you record maximum no. of discord recordings.☺ Thanks for sharing.👍

earphones on, thanks @sn0white 😊

Wow! Thank you for this bes. :) Helpful talaga ito lalo na dun sa mga nakatulog like me. lol :D I will go back to this post when I get back from Hinatuan si I can listen to it and learn from it. :) :)

Wow. thats amazing. edited version ..You are awesome. Steemit Is Beautiful.In The First SteemGigs of discord recordings. Thanks for sharing madam 👍

thanks a lot mam.

You’re welcome. :)

Thanks for sharing the video. Please i want to join the discord channel.

Thanks for sharing although I was in the show. It's a great thing to keep hearing b this great motivations.

@surpassinggoogle is indeed great.

  ·  last year (edited)

Wow. thats amazing. you are so awesome that you record maximum no. of discord recordings.

This is so wonderful and superfragilistic

The beauty of this block chain is the fact that we're in a position to improve it and are co-contributors to this cause

Great for you to do this! The time you have in creating it is commendable and thanks for sharing, too! This will surely help others who like me have trouble with internet connection and cannot hear properly what was being discussed.

In The First SteemGigs of strife chronicles. Much obliged for sharing madam.I can hear it out and gain from are awesome to the point that you record greatest no of friction recordings.☺ Thanks for sharing.

Great job sis. Appreciate the effort you put through making this, especially so since i missed the show last Saturday/Sunday. So it seems that I haven't missed it at all. Thanks and congrats!

  ·  last year (edited)

I watched whole video and know so much thing about @surpassinggoogle he is another boss .so sincere person I salute you boss..and thanks @snowhite

very exciting, I'm already inside this channel

I really like posting friends because there is a symbol of surpassinggoogle.