Waste of energy due to little mistakes...

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Helo guys, it's your boy @sistem once again and I am here with yet another video showing us how little mistake in construction and life in general can cost us more than just time and money as states in the last video but this time Energy as well.

The essence of these videos is to teach us to be careful in whatever it is that we do in life to avoid the stress that comes with making mistakes.

In the last video, I showed you how the little mistake of putting excess chemical in a concrete mixture cost us time and money by making us pull down an entire flat. Money will be pumped into the mechanical and electrical works as well as iron works and of course re-casting.

Today I will be showing you how the little mistake of not placing the mechanical pipes where and how they should be place will const us money ,time and of course energy.

The video shows two men chiseling a 100mm thick Wall in order to correct a mistake done before panelling was done. If these things were placed the right way, we wouldn't be having this issue. This also reduces the initial planned efficiency of the building. The structural engineers will tell you more about this.

Well I hope you do enjoy this vide and learn from it as well.

Do have a lovely day.

My video is at DLive