ULOG: Little mistakes that cost time and money.

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Helo guys. I am making this ulog from my construction site.

First of all I must say that I am really excited at the speed at which we are carrying out the execution of this very project.

This video is to show you how a little negligence and mistake can coat you a whole lot of time and money.

This project is meant to be delivered by the end of August and so we have been putting in so much time and money into it so as to see to its complete and timely execution. A month ago, we made a costly mistake. The cobtractor in charge of the building in the video whichbis being pulled down was ready to cast the second floor and we had to supply him the concrete mixture to that effect. The person who batches the concrete for us decided to add a new chemical different from the one he used to use and mistakenly added it in excess. The chemical was added in order to this the surface of the concrete after it has cured, a fair finish meaning a smooth finish.

After the casting , the panel setters went the next day to remove the panels as it's always done only to discover that the concrete was still as wet as new. This came as a shock to everyone on the construction site as we have never see a thing like this before. Concrete never takes too long to get hardened but this one was still soft after a whole day.

We took the discovery lighlty and just concluded it would cure by the next day. We all went up the next day and still discovered that the concrete was still as soft as the previous day, that was when we realised we had encountered a big problem. We all decided to proceed with the construction of other buildings while we leave that particular block floor to harden.

After a weak ,it was still soft. Weeks passed and it still didn't harden. It's over a month and the concrete is still soft. We all hard to take the very difficult decision of breaking it down after the iron works, mechanical and electrical works have been done on the next floor ontop of that and ready for paneling .

This has thought me a great lesson and that is...Little mistakes can cost you a great deal of time and money.

It's going to cost us time and money to cast that floor again but it has to be done because the safety of our clients is of grave importance to us and we can't gamble with that.

The floor is currently being pulled down as can be seen in the video and I will keep you posted when it has been catsed again.

Thank you.

My video is at DLive


Que bien hermano grandioso, soy arquitecto estoy a la orden en lo que pueda ayudar.

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