The History of Capitalism Part 1 - DLive Exclusive

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It seems to be one of the most hated economic systems of all time that is simultaneously destroying the planet while feeding more humans than ever before. Obesity is a bigger problem than starvation while we produce twice as much food as we need to consume. This is a comedic look at the history of capitalism and an exploration of its downfalls. We also conclude with what can be done to fix it.

This is an early release exclusively to DLive. Thanks to @teamdlive @jimmylin @tidylive for making such an awesome platform! We'll be following up with part 2 soon! Thanks for all the followers and upvotes, we love you guys and we respond to all the comments we get!

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Obesity is a problem but its not bigger than starvation due to poverty but i liked the concept of making humour out of history of capitalism...keep it up

Thanks mate we will! We have part 2 coming soon and a ton of documentaries on history that we try to inject with some laughs.

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