The Dead Spoken Word Mixtape No.1

in dlive •  7 months ago


Welcome to The Dead Spoken Word Society, Time to dust off your old spoken words, Time to bring out those hidden poetic gems.


Thanks to all those who played in this collaborative game. All SBD will we shared with steem accounts who enter A Dead Spoken Word Poem, so please support and resteem this. And look for next Months The Dead Spoken Word Mixtape. This has been A Dead Poems Society Production, along with Infinite Imaginairum Crew.

My video is at DLive

Image Astraea by Richey Beckett

check out: Thoughts on The Dead Spoken Word Mixtape

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Terrific podcast. Well done.

SWEET! ❤❤❤❤ so happy to be a part of this!


really nice to meet, play and have fun with you!


Looking forward to the next time =)

You have seriously done my vocabulary

That's awesome, Daniel. Would you like me to include the link in the next Dead Poems round?


yea that would be cool. It's a lot of work, lucky for me, the imaginarium crew are always playing collaborative games, so I had a lot half pieces of works to play with. And I will make a post of this, but first wednesdays of the month Dead Spoken Word Wednesdays. I'll just make sure I stay on top of it with weekly updates and we can have some really cool spoken word mixtapes!

Awesome idea and project title. The Dead Poets society is a great movie, one of the best performances of Robin Williams, without a doubt.

I will take my time to give this a listen soon :>)


yea it started with @prydefoltz and The Dead Poem Society(her version Deadpost Initiative), and I Was like why not Dead Spoken Word, same thing like you, awesome title project, great movie, so I went a lil wild with it, and this is what came out.

thanks for the support, I will do my best to make it a monthly thing...