SteemitLive Perceptions : How often should you post on Steemit and why ?

in dlive •  11 months ago


Agenda : Today we will discuss on how often you should post on steemit and why.

I am online to answer your questions and guide you. Also the best comment would get a 100 % upvote from me.

My live stream is at DLive

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Great job you doing !
Does posting always determine you steem power and curation
Do follow and upvote @oliverwilliams

hello i'm new to steem it
i'm active since dec 2017
how to improve reputation score

You can refer to top posts, voted by @curie to see examples, and we have a charity bot called @thehumanbot , seek its help , if you dare to write original

i am new at dlive . how can i see it :(