You are The bear boss @roundbeargames. Now i know how the name came about

cool stream with @kaliju, very impressed, mutual happy @roundbeargame,☺️👍

yea man @jhoni. but we'll get better. it's only our first entry for Just Steemit.

Nice Video. Thanks for your and @kaliju video :-)

Both of the videos look good. Continue friend...... ♥♥

thank you sumon. you gotta tell me what's going on with the name sumon. i see so many of them 😦

i love you brother... ♥ Carrien... :-)

You and kaliju Live.....☺amazing video.

i support you........ carry on @roundbeargames

Your starting is good, dear @roundbeargames.

thanks man. i accidentally played our own stream in the beginning but hope you didn't catch that 😃


Woww this is awesome moment for you becoz you meet 1st time with kaliju.

writing-pen.gif Very nice dlive talk about steemit😊

Thanks for your DLive Video. Nice to see....

very good friend, was slow to load but still managed to see it

Que bien amigo @roundbeargames y @kaliju por mostrarnos esta nueva etapa de Steemit. Saludos

This is very good and kaliju again in dlive...☺☺✌

bravo friend @roundbeargames makes a good team, both have chemistry to make the video is impeccable

fantastic job bro, you see that you enjoy what you do bravo why

Fantastic job bro,
You see that you enjoy what
You do bravo why

                 - josepuerta

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

good video dear I liked your impeccable work

good video friend.

What is going on!!!? Haha, I need to get in the next one!

Great vedios. Thanks you sharing for post boss.

Brother, you are wonderful, have a pleasant moment...please upvotes me on my blogs. Thanks

greeting brother I wish you many successes and more SUCCESSES

Greeting brother I
Wish you many successes

                 - chiminguito

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

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