congratulations to the winner somoga enjoying this victory with happiness.

congratulations to the winners, I hope you enjoy your prizes, and we are eager to see your new project my buddy @roundbeargames

thanks man i can't wait either! i want more and better projects! 😄

Muchas felicitaciones a los ganadores @roundbeargames en especial a @tsnaks como ganaor del Jackpot y a @chronocrypto ganador del Smallpot y por fin que decidiste vas a parar el Slotto por un tiempo ó vas a continuar con el proyecto

yes later on slotto will start again in one form or another. or it could stay the same. i just haven't decided yet :)
for now i wanna try out a new project 😄

Congratulations to the winner..I just give the support😊

thanks for being supportive 😁

éxito para los ganadores, con suerte la ranura continuará y se convertirá en un orgullo

slotto will start again later on :)
a temporary stop for now

Felicitaciones a el ganador y suerte a los participantes saludos amigo

yes we have a smallpot winner as usual!
soon you'll see the jackpot winner for 113 STEEM!

Great there are already winners 👏👏 congratulations!

yes congrats to the winners 😄

felicitaciones a los ganadores y a ti por promoverlo,espero sigas brindando la oportunidad de ganar,saludos @roundbeargames.

thanks @petrarodriguez!
in the future we'll have many other variations of slotto as well as some new playable games!

Awesome everyone waiting for that day finally this jakpot, congratulation to the winner and also thanks friend @roundbeargames

well people just gotta be patient! there'll always be a winner eventually :)

You will be missed slotto.

Great ending to a great game, Yaaa I won the small pot.

Congrats to the winner.

What do you have planned next Bear?

congrats on at least winning the smallpot!
i'll have a very simple playable game on the steem blockchain. it's all i have for now. i'll share more as i start writing new code 😄

Felicidades al ganador, y mucha suerte a los proximo participantes. Le deseo un buen fin de semana my friend!

yes you too :) have a great weekend @edgrand

congratulations to the lucky winner well-deserved

wow ... finally this friday jackpot. congratulations to the winner 😊👍

yes now i'll take some time to think about things and start a new project.
slotto will be back later on :)

I think it's very good all the things you do brother, I was a little lost because I was sick but I already came back

welcome back! and i hope you're doing ok now 😦


thanks @chiminguito :)
i'll have more and more projects!

Hii!! I'm back from my vacation!! Been missing for weeks.
How are you?

thanks for coming! i'm doing alright 😎
i hope you enjoyed your vacation!

I miss your stories...
I'm enjoying my vacation a lot.. now writing about it daily bilingual.

It seems that we already have new winners !! Congratulations to both and happy weekend for you :)

yes we have 3 jackpot winners! have a great weekend @unataldani :)

@tsnaks congratulations for winning the Jackpot and @chronocrypto congratulations to you for winning the smallpot.

@roundbeargames, Unfortunate to hear that you too facing the issues with the Dlive and I've faced an error some days back which I've never seen before and highlighted to team about the error.

Let's hope that Dlive once again will going to update it's platform effectively because in my opinion errors will going to decrease the value of Engagement.

And i wish that you will going to find inspiration to come up with your ideas and will going to code to make that idea an Practicality.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂

hopefully dlive will be able to compete against dtube. and i wish there'd be even more new interfaces coming in to make steem crazier! 😆
let's hope steem becomes a mainstream platform. for me i'll just enjoy making simple games and talking about them 😄
thanks and enjoy your weekend @chireerocks!

Welcome and thank you so much. Let's hope for the best. 🙂

Congratulations to the winners, great job, friend.

[email protected] muchas felicitaciones al ganador ,suerte para los proximos participantes y éxitos para usted por promoverlo. Saludos y muchas bendiciones

thanks amigo :)
there'll be no next participants for the time being because i'm starting a new project.
later we might 😃

Felicidades a los ganadores y que tengan un feliz dia

yes congrats to them. enjoy your weekend!

Congratulation friend..

@chronocrypto :-)

Congratulations to @tsnaks and @chronocrypto! I threw my hat into the ring myself and while I didn't win, it was still a fun thing to try out. Looking forward to @roundbeargames return and his future project, whatever it may be.

wow this is great friend..
Congratulations to winner...