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Since you got him more than once, my favourite for today is Skeleton Assassin (from all the simulated fights I've seen he looks pretty viable to became a strong card in the game).


I'm gonna go with the Twisted Jester today. I really like the artwork on that card. 😎

Hey @reseller, thanks for the booster pack from yesterday's show. I've already posted what I got it in it, but I'll post it here too. Oh, and my username is pronounced as "triz-cool-far-ray", just so you know, hehe. The "Whare" part is Māori, and means "house", so my whole house is running Trisquel GNU/Linux.

Anyway, my fave card from your show today? You didn't give us much to work with! 😉  But my fave would have to be the Malric Inferno, the only Summoner  that you found today. I'm still mad keen on the Summoners.

Here's what I got in yesterday's booster pack prize...

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