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It had to be super hard not to buy more packs after opening the first two lol.
I like the spineback turtle. Low mana, a little armor, decent health, and releases a thorn attack upon death.


Ist Pack - 1st Spot - Gold Dragon!

So sick, that's my favourite card for sure out of the 5 packs :D

Congrats on the awesome reveals!

You won't believe! I just opened 5 packs on my stream and got 2 golden cards from which one was epic!!! Damn, m,y favorite card is these two Legendaries you got, man, you have some luck!! :o

A Legendary in each of the 1st two packs - so so cool.

My favorite card from this video is the Frost Giant ☺

Someone told me on the discord that the #Kickstarter is scheduled for today 1430 EST.

Wow, two legendaries right off the bat? Nice Frost Giant! It's hot today, that's my favorite today.

Ohh really 🤐🤐

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Gold Dragon for the win - that's my favourite card for sure.

Woohoo I won! Thank you so much! I got a Alric Inferno! Today's favorite card would be that frost giant because I need him for my team lol

Gold Dragon

Wow two legendaries , Congratulations!

hahahaha awesome you are so lucky! lol. My favorite is the Gold Dragon. Dragons are my favorite fictional creature. haha

Hopefully I can still be a part of the draw for the next video!

My favourite was: Gold Dragon!! Men you are so lucky... I just want 1 legendary and you get 2 in a row...