Re-building #TribeDLive in Rimworld with @JoeOhs (PC)[Eng]

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Last time on #rimworld...

The woman (formerly Anna) is now @emitste, our head chef and doctor! @joeohs and @reptimom88 got married, and all of #tribedlive attended the ceremony. Too bad @rook81 and @neospell began to flirt with @joeohs now wife afterward. But all is well in #rimworld so far; we have plenty of food, and research is progressing fruitfully. But the difficulty was ramped up just at the end of the last episode and wrapped up with a one man raid where @rook81 killed the raider he was supposed to take as our prisoner, so we shall see what obstacles lie ahead for #tribedlive.

Current colony roster:

My live stream is at DLive


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