Re-building #TribeDLive in Rimworld with @JoeOhs (PC)[Eng]

in dlive •  3 months ago


Last time on #rimworld...

#tribedlive survived a toxic fallout scenario! The fallout rolled in randomly and #tribedlive had enough food and resources to withstand what seemed like an entire season stuck indoors. Every animal in the region died but #tribedlive survived. Another tribe member has been added, but yet to be named after a #dlive community member, so stick around and participate in chat for this new character to be named after you!
There's lots going on in our base; new guest rooms have been added, more storage, an electric smithy has been made, and we now have what looks to be a camel! (which will also be named). There is also talks of a peace treaty as well. A local hostile tribe wants to strike a deal for peace, but @joeohs is weary that this may be a trap. We'll find out soon...

Current colony roster:

My live stream is at DLive

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