Playing Inside w/ Music

in #dlive3 years ago


When I bought Limbo this game was recommended to buy, tongiht I decided to give it a go. Let's see wether it's better then Limbo

My live stream is at DLive


good game but don't get addicted to it

I can't make this one

Hey Omer, this game is something like Limbo and I like this one and Jimmy, you gotta pay me for that :)

sent 0.001SBD

hahahahahahhahhahah you're crazy

I'm loving the DLive logo in the top, you gotta send that to me

That's it from me tonight. In fact it's morning (6:03AM here). Thanks everyone who stopped by.

Limbo is an addiction

nice game , with good interface

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This is a pretty decent game. I played it some time ago, and finished it pretty soon, but worth the time. The game is perfect example for minimalist design.