Introducing The "Tazmania Ballroom" Bar in Hong Kong / 香港时尚玩乐吧 "Tazmania Ballroom"

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Hong Kong is a city that truly never sleeps. Nights are always so alive and packed with all kinds of excitement. Many streets are bursting with energy that never fails to wow its countless visitors. I never have a dull moment whenever I'm there.



Tazmania Ballroom is one of my favourite bars in the famous LKF district in Hong Kong Central. For those who don’t know, Lan Kwai Fong (LKF) is one of Hong Kong’s most popular nightlife hot spots. The streets are literally lined with pubs, bars and restaurants. "Colourful" and "vibrant" are just a couple of adjectives I'd use to describe this place at night, lol!

Tazmania Ballroom is known as a “gaming” venue, so fun is the main focus of attraction. The front entrance is understated, but as you walk upstairs and through the black drapes, you'll see the contemporary designs with plush looking couches and chairs. A classical feel throughout. The ceiling is very high with the magnificent décor being the definite highlight once inside. There are lots of angled mirrored surfaces and striking lighting. Both extremely cool and unique!




The bar staff is quite knowledgeable regarding their cocktails hence all drinks are served to perfection. Though everything is a little on the pricey side, but there is a "happy hour" that runs every day from 5 till 8 (all drinks are 2 for the price of 1) so that kind of makes up for it I guess.






A unique twist to the club are the two pool tables and one ping pong table located near to the bar area. So, an alternate but still very enjoyable way to hang with friends or meet new people whilst playing a few games. I am not great at either though, but it was a lot of fun to keeping trying to improve with my two colleagues. Due to my skill level of ping pong, many balls actually hit a couple of unlucky bystanders, lol. But that probably made for a big part of the fun too, haha!









The DJ was great, playing a good mix of pop, house and R&B. I found it a really relaxing place to chat, chill out and soak up the atmosphere! I even heard the pool tables can be raised up to the ceiling to open up the place and create a more "spacious" dance floor! Yes, how cool is that, right? In addition, there is an open terrace for people to relax outdoors as well!

Tazmania Ballroom is such an awesome place. Every time I was there, I was guaranteed an amazing time! I would highly recommend this to anyone visiting Hong Kong.


位于中环兰桂坊的Tazmania Ballroom是一家我很喜欢的酒吧。没来过香港的朋友可能不知道, 兰桂坊一带聚集了众多大小酒吧与餐馆,特别在晚上非常热闹,深受广大市民和游客欢迎。

这家酒吧门面挺低调,但当你走上楼梯穿过黑色帘布的时候,你会看到极具现代风格的玩乐空间。高高的天花板以及豪华舒适的皮沙发与椅子,给人一种很经典的感觉。 酒吧里闪烁着昏暗的灯光,情调蛮不错!




Tazmania Ballroom真是一个很棒的酒吧,我每次来都玩得很开心。如果Steemian的朋友们有机会到香港的话,记得去那里看看哦,呵呵!


My video is at DLive

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You are currently in Hong Kong? I would love to go back :,( The bar looks stunning


Hey @lisadang, that was a few weeks ago, lol. Thank you for dropping by. :)

You are so lucky to be able to see such wonderful places.
BTW @rea, i have a gift for you on my blog you can check it when ever you want, i hope you like it :)sketch1527976331046.png

You can read about it here
Also i made a graphic version with a video showing the steps :)


That's awesome, thanks @soufiani!!


Happy you like it !

What a fun looking place!!
I love the music you put to your video, gives it a super cool vibe !😉

I would get DOWN on the ping pong table! I love ping pong!😍👍


Thanks @acromott! Perhaps next time we meet, we can have a game of Ping Pong, haha!

Omg rea你來香港了!😍我還沒有去過任何一家酒吧呢!你什麼時候回去?:)


Hello @susanlo, 已经回来了,呵呵。四月底在香港出差时去玩的 😄!


噢噢原來是這樣的!還想著約rea你跟香港的Steemians出來見見呢XD 沒關係,下次的!☺️

Wow the streets actually look like that of Singapore's.


Really? I have never been to Singapore, hopefully to visit one day. :)


Yeah you should. I am told it's pretty much like Hong Kong. Developed city and all.

Wow what a posh and extravagant nightclub. And that Bar is really amazing. Very nice..thanks for sharing @rea

An interesting read @rea, thanks for sharing.

I loved Hong Kong when I visited it many years ago, back in 2010, and would love to go back. Never visted Tazmania Ballroom but from reading your article it reminds me of similar bars in London like Bounce, Four Thieves and Flight Club. Make sure to check them out if you're in town!