A Relaxing Sunday BBQ at the River Front / 休闲的河边烧烤

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No summer will be completed without the wafting smoky scent of a backyard BBQ. Last weekend, temperatures hit almost thirty degrees across London. A perfect time to beat the heat and enjoy some fun times outdoors.

Our Steemian friend @redrica invited @ezzy and I to her house for a lovely barbecue which so very kind. Arriving at the place, I was super impressed. @redrica’s home is built around calm, soothing waters stemming from the river Thames. Their back garden has full access to the water front. To us, this is such a dream home. Much greater than you can imagine!




After some delicious BBQ food, we all jumped in an inflatable water boat with @redrica and her two lovely girls, just relaxing in the water and soaking up the sun with a glass of rose wine. What more do you need in life, haha? The boys were fishing on the side and just chatting away, enjoying the great times too!








Thanks to @redrica and family, living in the city makes me really appreciate opportunities like this. I couldn’t help but think about living in one of these houses. Just sitting back, watching the boats sailing past and observing the ducks and swans and others creatures that inhabit the waters from your very own private terrace. How enjoyable life can be and what a perfect place to raise kids!





在Steemian平台上结识的朋友@redrica邀请@ezzy和我去她家烧烤,我们当然很开心地答应咯,呵呵。@redrica 家就在泰晤士河的一条支流旁边,在自家后花园可以直接下水畅游!环境优美清静,让住在城市里的我们羡慕不已!

吃完美味的烧烤,我们和孩子下水嬉戏。在充满新鲜空气的环境中,晒着暖暖的日光浴,喝着冰凉的桃红葡萄酒,尽享生活的惬意!@ezzy@redrica 先生则在河边钓鱼,聊天,呵呵!



My video is at DLive

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A great day with friends! Are you in that raft?


Amazing day out indeed, lol.

its a sunny day



Wow ,what a heavenly place your friend lives. Just beautiful and what a great day to cookout. Thanks for sharing @rea.

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What a beautiful house! :D


Indeed, a dream home! Thanks @ramengirl for dropping by. :)

This is a really nice house by the Thames! What a lovely day out!!


I cannot agree more. Thanks @kaminchan.

what a nice life style friend, that's quality of life

wuao is a very nice place to spend it with friends or with the family, you can see that you had an amazing time the images are very beautiful big stage

Relax with the sights and sounds of a pure mountain river and the springtime is awesome...

That is great for Sunday family relaxation. More activities with kids and get fresh air at the lake or park. Way to go to maintain healthy and happiness.

Beautiful view! A peaceful place to relax.

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Yes, very calming and relaxing place. :)

wow enjoy life and great foodbeach.gif




Aww what a great post! Shame we don't own this house, because this post would be perfect advertising for if we wanted to sell it.. haha :P

Can't wait to have you guys over again! Take care for now :)