An Enjoyable Time Down at "Two Floors" / "Two Floors" 酒吧

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I was catching up with some friends last night. A typical mid-week after work drinks in Central London. The pub is called “Two Floors”, just off Carnaby Street in the heart of the city and the location is just great!

We met up around 6pm and the pub was already packed, which is probably a good sign. The only thing is there was no signage of its name outside the bar, so if you don’t make a note of the address, it is going to be impossible to find, lol.


“Two Floors” has a canteen style ambiance to it with basic table seating and a lovely beer selection. My friend had a couple of Camden Hells largers which was great.




Cocktails were good too, priced from £7.50 up to £10, which is expected in Central London. I had the Classic Spanish Sangria and Pina Colada. Both were very refreshing and totally enjoyable!




Music was good but a perhaps a little loud where I had to keep shouting to communicate with most of my friends, haha! In addition, there is also a downstairs area which has a completely different vibe, being much quieter and pretty cosy. Perfect for a date, in fact.


Overall, the atmosphere was good and I would definitely go again.

昨晚我和朋友相约下班后在伦敦中心的”Two Floor”酒吧见面。酒吧在Carnaby街附近,地理位置很中心。我6点到达酒吧,那儿已经很热闹了,看来是个好兆头哦!唯一美中不足的是酒吧门口并没有名字标志,如果没有具体地址是很难找到的,呵呵。

酒吧风格简约,没有过多的修饰。啤酒种类蛮多,我朋友喝了Camden Hells Larger说挺好的。鸡尾酒价格从7.50英镑到10英镑,在伦敦不算贵。我点的经典西班牙桑格利亚酒和鸡尾酒Pina Colada,给人很清新的夏日感觉,两杯都十分美味,呵呵!


总的来说,”Two Floor”酒吧气氛不错,挺适合上班族过来小酌两杯。


My video is at DLive

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Looks like a good place, why no pictures of you?


Because I am a bit shy in front of camera, lol.

wuao you see that you enjoyed it friend is a wonderful place with good atmosphere that's fantastic


Thank you.

酒吧名字叫“Two Floors” - 因为有上下两层吗,@rea ?





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