Dining at the Excellent "Masamoto" Japanese Restaurant / 正本日本料理

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During my trip to China, the Masamoto Japanese restaurant was recommended to me by one of my good friends. So, yesterday I had the pleasure of visiting it myself while I am in Guangzhou.


The branch I went to was located near Eastern Railway Station. To be honest, the place didn't look too fancy but still had that familiar authentic Japanese appearance. Near the entrance was the seafood counter where the chefs worked their magic on the sushi. Notably, there were a couple of individual rooms for customers who preferred to have privacy.






My friend and I opted for the most popular seafood options. We ordered an assorted of sashimi matsu in addition to a couple of other sushi dishes. They were all very eloquently presented, and "OMG", the taste was just out of this world! So fresh and delicious!






The main highlight of the night was when I sampled the "live urchin" for the first time of my life! It was plucked directly out from the water, cut open and ready to eat. Apologies to all those who are a little squeamish out there, lol. Though it did look very appetizing, being bright and vibrant in colour. If I were to describe it to you, the texture is similar to liver but just melts in your mouth. Very sweet and delicious!



The Abalone Sashimi is another dish I really enjoyed. It has a sort of rubbery texture but was so tasty with a spritz of lemon juice of the side. I was say it is best eaten in sashimi or sushi form as the meat toughens quite rapidly when cooked.

Food was lovely and the restaurant an absolute delight! I would highly recommend this place for all you "sushi" and seafood lovers alike. This is your one-stop haven for the best flavours possible.









My video is at DLive

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I love Sushi :) Looks delicious and more better than what we have here
I have ever seen this before, but looks very interesting :)

Enjoy your Weekend :)


Hello @hanen, it was my first time eating this delicious live urchin, lol! If you love sushi, I think you would enjoy this too. :)




每次看到你的帖文 - 我都要猛吞口水 XD




Looking tasty
First we eat with you, then we do everything else.



呵呵, 来吃吧!

looks like such a lovely place and the food looks amazing! i love sushi :D

I love sea food, Aww and look at this that's really delicious, well can i try it to at home ? And thanks for sharing these Japanese sea food.

私は海の食べ物が大好きで、これを見て本当においしいです。家で試してもいいですか? これらの日本の海産物を共有してくれてありがとう。

Nice Bro...


really nice :D


Most of the foods looks, Raw!! The decoration is wonderful. Even though, I would not have a single food from there. Good for you, you enjoyed it.

@rea, 有品位!

This is so amazing.
Nice pictures.
We also have some cool Chinese restaurants here in Nigeria, I visit when I wanna try out new meals.
Great post @rea

what a "bad" life, huh? haha that's so amazing. The video made my stomach roar :P


Hey Bianca, even i was hungry writting up this article, haha! Thank you for dropping by. :)

That restaurant looks amazing. Very cool and clean looking. The food looks delicious as well. I see some Unagi rolls there, those are my all time favorite. I also like the traditional tatami mats they have for the larger party with the cushions. I've only done that once before and I'm not used to it so I was a bit stiff afterwards. Thank you for sharing. That would be an exciting meal to try out.