My Favourite Steak House In London / 我最爱的伦敦牛排店

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Goodman Restaurant is my favourite steakhouse restaurants in London. My husband @ezzy took me there for my birthday earlier this year and I had a fantastic meal experience!

We went to the Mayfair branch in Central London. The place was so lively and has a very friendly and cozy vibe to it. Excellent level of service from here, the waitress was helpful and very knowledgeable. She explained the different options of beef cuts and assisted us with the wine list.




I opted for the 150 days corn fed fillet steak while @ezzy went for the 400g Rib-Eye steak. The food was absolutely out of this world. It was perfectly cooked to a “medium” preparation. Jusy how I like, super tender and delicious! The side dishes were also very good , with a special mention going to the Triple Truffle Chips and Creamy Spinach.





To top if all off, the desserts were incredible. I would recommend the Creme Brulee and cheesecake too, so yummy!



All in all, it was a wonderful dining experience at Goodman. Perfect steak and service to boot, what more can you ask for, lol. We will definitely be back soon!







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Mouthwatering steaks

Wow, those steaks look fantastic!

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Thanks so much~!!

Love those chunks of aged beef I bet that they tastes nicely with gravy and chips. @rea


It tasted great, thankyou for dropping by @cryptopie.

@rea It is hard to find a really good stake in Malaysia. So...I am super jealous now :o

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Who doesn’t like a good steak right yummmmm


I cannot agree more. :)

生日快樂!原來rea姊是最近生日的嗎? 所以是獅子座?

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你是金牛座? 我也是耶!哈哈

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