An Enjoyable Evening at “Mr Pilot” / 飞行先生酒吧

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Being the capital city of the Guangdong province, Guangzhou looks incredible in the day but really comes to life when night falls. There are no shortage of nightlife options here for you to choose from as you will most certainly find your favourite hangout spots during your stay.

This time around, I discovered a new bar called Mr Pilot. As you can imagine, flight is the main theme of the bar. And this is reflected through their use of indoor decor and ornaments. All the waiters and waitresses were also dressed to the nines in smart pilot outfits, ready to be of service to you.

The ambient music played in the background was quite cool. After 9pm, they also include a DJ and live show entertainment. The dim, subtle lighting proved to be just perfect. I really loved the atmosphere and how lively the venue was in general!

If you ever have a chance to visit Guangzhou, pop in to this bar for a drink. I am sure you won’t regret it.








众所周知,广州是广东省省会,被誉为美丽的花城。广州其实还是不夜城哦,这座城市对夜生活的热衷也是独一无二的, 从观赏夜景,唱卡拉OK,到各种各样的酒吧和Live演出,真是应有尽有。

我这次会广州也发掘了一家新酒吧名为Mr Pilot(飞行先生)。顾名思义,这是一家以飞行为主题的特色餐吧。室内的装修和摆设都颇具飞行主题元素。侍应生也都穿着飞行员制服,很有特色。




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Prosit my dear!

Thank you!

thank you so much a very nice place to have a Beer next time when i back to 廣州 as Hong kong really not much place have live music with Beer and snack if have must be full of people !!!! ;p Nice to meet you here my name is Mellissa ~~~

Hello @mellissaying!! Thank you for dropping by, and I really enjoy your music!!

Thank you so much @rea please come to see me often. Love your video too.

Is it your birthday today @rea. 18th may. Hahahaha happy birthday to you and me. We are havin the same birthday 🍰 wish u all the best and have a nice birthday weekend 🎂


是啊,挺有特色, 呵呵😊


beer and snack very nice nice place...

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