London's Ultimate "all-you-can-eat" Sushi Restaurant / 任你吃到饱的日本料理

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Last week, we had the pleasure of meeting up with our friends at a quaint little Japanese restaurant called Sushi Eatery. It's situated at Frith street within London's busy Soho area.


Besides providing sushi meals, they also have a good range of extended Japanese delicacies, like chicken teriyaki, ramens noodles and tempura meat and vegetable.

Our friends recommended us to be there early as there is usually a substantial queue waiting outside the door during peak time. Apparently, this place offers up an affordable “all-you-can-eat” sushi buffet experience with top quality food being served. Hence attracting a sizable crowd every single day of the week. Therefore, it must come as no surprise that I was very excited to find this out for myself, lol.

Upon arrival, the restaurant appeared pretty small but cosy nonetheless. Boasting beautiful, authentic looking Japanese décor, the establishment certainly looked the part. The ground floor is akin to a typical sushi bar with several tables pushed up against along the near side walls.




However, as you proceed down a flight of stairs towards the back, a subterranean level reveals itself to be the main dining area of the restaurant. In addition, it features traditional "seiza" seating on the floor. Just as I was getting slightly concerned for my six-foot-two husband, I could see no way in hell he'd remain sitting in the lotus position and dining out for that long, lol. But it quickly came to my attention that there were recessed wells in which to place your legs within under the lowered tables. I assume a complimentary adjustment made for their western customer base. Thank god for that as I'd have had a hard time sitting through it too, haha!




So this is how it works. For a fixed price of £20, you can place orders multiple times. They have two menus presented for you. One contains cooked food from which you can select up to 8 items from, but can only order once. And the other menu is for sushi and other "cold" food from which you can order up to 6 items each time. From here, you can order up to 6 times from this menu. Yes, you heard that right. 6 items, 6 times!



The food was served pretty fast, with everything tasting fresh and quite simply exquisite!

The eight separate hot dishes we selected were delicious, including : king prawn tempura, chicken teriyaki, grill chicken fillet on a skewer, octopus balls, beef teriyaki, chicken gyoza, wasabi calamari and chicken karaage. We also had the mixed salad and green beans on the side.

The chicken teriyaki was my firm favourite from the starting selection. Those chicken thighs were tender and delicious to the bite. It was seriously addictive stuff with that honey orange drenched glaze! The octopus balls were also really yummy, being crispy on the outside and full of flavour and texture encased inside!

On the lesser note, I was a little disappointed in regards to the grilled chicken fillet on a skewer. It seemed to be somewhat over-cooked and too dry.








In term of the sushi (which was the main reason for coming here), the selection was quite decent. We ordered several sides of sashimi including salmon, tuna and butterfish, as well as the "sushi set" and maki rolls. Oh my god, the sashimi was so buttery, it felt as though the slices just melted away in my mouth. So flavoursome and heavenly! Everything was so fresh that I'm sure those slippery blighters were swimming in the seas this very morning, haha!

The "salmon skin rolls" were also surprisingly delicious too. They had a very unique and distinctive taste that worked wonders in a standard sushi rice-roll! It was voted as everyone’s favourite of the evening at the dinner table and also comes as a highly nutritious dish to boot!








My experience with the staff on duty was pleasant enough although they didn't allow much time between each round. I found them to be a little too “efficient” if you know what I mean! But I guess that's understandable seeing how busy this place can became. Money and time don't mix too well in the best of circumstances.

Although the sushi was not technically “unlimited”, it doesn’t really leave you wanting for more either. Between the four of us, we had 8 hot dishes and as for the sushi, we found ourselves to be full before we even made it to our 3rd round! Well, the boys did try harder and managed a last plate of sashimi between them, to make it to the 4th round, haha!

The “all you can eat” system is great with a mix of hot food and sushi choices. Food quality was well above average, with the fish being of an exceptional standard. £20 set price plus service charge is great value for money for what you get, and situated in a prime location of London. They accept cash only but that’s not much of an issue with an ATM machine just round the corner. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience here at Sushi Eatery and definitely be returning soon for some more aquatic nibbles.

上周,朋友带我们去了一家古色古香的小日本餐厅“Sushi Eatery” 吃饭。它就位于伦敦最繁华的苏豪区。这家店除了寿司,也提供一系列日本美食,如串烧鸡肉,日本拉面以及天妇罗海鲜等。



我们沿着楼梯往下走,发现地下一层才是店里的主要用餐区。这里设置了传统的日式座位, 让客人可以体验“最日本”的就餐环境。我傻眼了,正在担心我那一米九八的老公可怎么坐啊?不过我很快注意到,桌子底下的地板设有专门的空间可以把腿伸进去。这一定是为了西方人做的特别调整吧!谢天谢地,不然的话我可能也坐不了这么长时间,哈哈!



日本照烧鸡肉是我最爱。它是用鸡腿肉做的,鲜嫩美味。那个照烧汁儿鲜中带甜,一个字形容: 香!章鱼丸也十分好吃,金黄微焦的诱人色泽,盖得满满的柴鱼片在热气中舞动着,让人垂涎不已。一口咬下去会有鲜美的汤汁流出,那味道和口感真让我停不了口!








My video is at DLive


The food looks really amazing!!

A great post from you! Well done
It looks like a nice restaurant .. The food is amazing, the pictures are good
Thanks for sharing

看着很诱人啊, 价格也不贵, 下次去伦敦可以试试




Beautiful theme and great photos.

this is a very delicious food.its to see very yammy and tasty. those style seats before at Japanese style restaurants.i like your food dish. thanks for sharing for good food..i am waiting for your upcoming [email protected]

There are a few around us. This is my personal favourite. :)

Like your post keep up good work

@rea Very Nicely Done I am almost Speechless...........I do have two words of commentary though "Octopus Balls" !!!

Lo, I know what you mean. :)

Look at those salmon! Yum yum, :)

Some of the best I've ever tasted. :)

又好吃又划算啊 ~ 性价比超高的样子 ~

Looks great! Wish that had that here in Japan.



@rea 哇,20英镑的价格 + 任点6次 = 这个真是占大便宜了 :O




Even though I am a vegetarian, these dishes still look tasty to me 😅.
Don’t know why.
May be because its my breakfast time here. Haha

Eat anything for just £20 !! Wow !! I need to be there Asap !! 🤣🤣

Nice post @rea :)


£20 worked out quite well, @himshweta. :)

the decoration of this restaurant looks like wow. i think this foods delicious and yummy.

Great post tnx for sharing I just upvoted.
steemit all the way.
check out my new post.

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哈哈, 我也是!

OMG that food looks amazing! Great photos! It sounds like you very much enjoyed your experience at this restaurant and the price was very reasonable. We have something similar to this near my house and I love to go there. You are able to order as much food off the menu as you want but only 2 dishes at a time. If you leave excess waste on your plate then they will charge you for the waste of food. This is an effort to not waste too much food and I think it reduces costs for the restaurant somewhat too. Thanks for sharing your experience!

It's always so much fun discovering new and exciting eateries down in Central London. I think the idea of not wasting food in the place near you, is not bad at all. :)

The sushi looks so good and I think 20 is a great price! I'v sat in those style seats before at Japanese style restaurants, I wish more places would adapt that style of sitting because I think it's quite fun!

Oh yes, sushi can get very expensive where I live. This place is awesome. :)

I've voted
choose me back my friend.

Nice post, yet I'm hungry.

OMG that looks like a great meal!
What I love about Japanese food is how colorful and artistic the dishes are!
The food looks so good you almost don't want to eat it....just kidding... I always want to eat it!!! 😋💛

Have a wonderful day @rea!!!

Lol, I know what you mean. The way they lay it all out sets the scene perfectly. But your taste buds override everything else in the end. :)

20 pounds is pretty cheap!

It's a great deal! We can never finish all six orders. :)

you provide information that is very important to me
I deeply downed it darling
i love one of your food
I hope to be able to read your next article and I am also glad to see you happy with your friends in japan
terma affection
Have a nice day

This food has many nices colors and view.

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Thank you. :)

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Wow, @rea I am impressed at the value offered for just 20 pounds in the middle of London. You know how I like to receive good value for my hard earned bucks.

When you said the decor was authentic Japanese I was thinking in my head as I saw the tight quarters - "Yeah, they even imported the size of the place from Tokyo!"

Hello @getonthetrain, who wouldn't love a good bargain, haha! Thanks for dropping by. :)

SUSHI ! 😍 I'm craving right now!

This all-you-can-eat sushi place has takoyaki on the menu too???

Yes! I'm there!!

We should check it out together. :)

YES! See you soon lovely :D

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