The Sacred "Mon Mo Temple" / 神圣的文武庙

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While I was in Hong Kong earlier this year, I stumbled upon the Mon Mo Temple whilst walking down Hollywood Road exploring some antique shops. Mon Mo Temple is one of the oldest temples in Hong Kong. It is a sacred place for the locals as well as attracting many overseas worshipers.

The temple is beautifully decorated with old Chinese lanterns and coils of incense hanging down from the ceiling. To remain respectful, I did not take any photos inside the temple itself but instead just observed a lot of people performing their prayers and rituals.

Outside the temple, I was quite fascinating to find visitors who wrote their wishes on tree leaves and hung them on metal fences! This reminded me of the Pont des Arts bridge in Paris where couples attached a iron lock to the bridge in declaration of their undying love for one another.

Mon Mo Temple is not simply a tourist attraction but quite a unique experience into the Chinese culture which I would highly recommend to pay a visit to.










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I thought even if you did want to take pictures you could not @rea perhaps the rule does not apply there but I know certain temples of active prayer you may not take pics and speaking of pics I like the 2nd one, its a mixture of traditional and modern.


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我唔系香港人,马来西亚华人 XD

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上次去香港没到访。之前有去过。 附近几条街好像是买古董的。