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RE: Travel with me #115 : The Sun Moon Lake and Rainbow Military Dependent Village!

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Dear Mam @sweetsssj first of all good morning from India, I am your big fan you are very beautiful and an inspiration for everyone who want to get success here on @Steemit dear Mam your travel blogs with continental cuisines are mind blowing and very beautiful, Mam I am an artist and I have a sweet surprise for sweeet lady few minutes back I made a blog dedicated to you and here is am putting some beautiful images from my artwork and inviting you to visit my blog and you will love my artwork.


Thank you.


Kiss dat ass, way to go, muh man!

wow, that's a really great painting my dear, I've left a message and vote on your post. Thank you so much!

Dearest mam your upvote is the biggest support o ever received here on Steemit platform you are not sweet only you are beautiful too, you are not beautiful only you are kind too.
I personally decided to surprise you like this everytime whenever I get a chance to make something awesome and beautiful as this.
I can't express my gratitude and feelings as Joe much I am happy just imagine I am a college going student completing my Intermediate and I never expected something like this will happen to me sometimes I earn half dollars for my five to six hours efforts but you not only appreciated me but encourage me to do more and more better like this I will never forget your support and encouragement maybe it will be game changer for me and my future.
A big thank you for you.
God bless you and keep smiling and shining like a pole star.
Thank you.

Wow! That's a really great work!
You are an artist!

wow, great artworks. <3

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