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RE: Steem City Afyonkarahisar - Introducing Steemit with Social Responsibility Projects - Part #3 Creating Awareness for Wild Animals

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To spend so many resources for a couple bales of hay is not sustainable cost effective or progressive. It is just a huge waste. This project seems to me to be just a way to try and ploy Steem for money. If you actually want to help the animals stop buying petroleum, buying things at stores and paying taxes.


The purpose here is to create awareness. It does not matter how much gas we spend. We're just trying to build awareness. We are already paying for such projects. And we do it on behalf of humanity. We all have fixed income. We do not need the money from this post. The income from this post is being used for the next social project.

You may not want to give support. I respect that. But I do not agree with the criticism.

If you be a little more constructive. One day I can get gas for you.

If you don't agree then you don't agree with sustainability.

I am actually dedicated to sustainability and run a world renowned eco community.

We save 350,000lbs of trash from the landfill each year and feed 40,000 FREE meals. Your spending MORE money on gas just to bring some dead grass to "wild horses"

Nothing about it is sustainable, humanitarian or progressive. I don't care if you agree or not its the way it is.

I did not criticize the activities you did. I appreciate it. But the important thing here is not the cost. To be able to raise awareness in people who see this post.

We are trying to accomplish this. Yes, this is an expense. But if people take this as an example, it's a nice cost.

All the people for the animals are able to provide the best support. We are trying to draw attention to this.

You do not fully understand what we want to tell you. I respect you. But you should respect us.

We've been able to do this for now. In the future, we can do more. We are a new team yet. We will have many proposals to win and succeed.

In subsequent projects, we will always try to do the best.

Why do you flag my comment? Should all people agree with you?
Many people appreciated this post. And will continue to upvote it. But you will always be remembered as an egoist.

YOU solicited me. You came begging for my support and I being nice came to check it out.

I told you that it is unsuitable and a huge waste of resources. You are not helping anyone. You are destroying the earth.

Then you tried to tell me I did not understand your project. That is an ignorant, egotistical and defensive statement. Now you try and tell me the I will be remembered as an egoist? hahahaha ok fine.

Now I downvote all these comments.

Hope you learn something.

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