No worries I got mixtape coming out on March 28 for your review.

Here is the promo video

Welcome to @DLive! Your pops has me beat on the Litecoin I need to step my game up.

He has me beat too. My crypto is elsewhere.
Its really cool that you reach out to ppl in the Dlive community like this, it means a lot. I already love your platform but support and connection like this makes me want to stay and keep creating content.

Make sure to reach out if you ever need anything on Discord, we have a community team that can give you a hand if you ever run into any issues.

Gotchu. will do!

It's great to have your family into it all. I learned about it from my son and my Mother is 81 and has watched me on DLive a few times! :-) You will Love DLive & the community too!

I learned about crypto from my younger brother and once I fell in the crypto space i was too fascinated to leave. one thing led to another here i am.
that so cool that your family is involved as well.
I'm already impressed by dlive. The community really supportive. @jimmylin hit me up so that says alot.

Awesome! I first started out streaming The Gentlemen of crypto on DLive, lol! It's great here! Will keep an eye out for your streams!

I’ll do the same.

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No worries I got mixtape coming out on March 28 for your review.

Here is the promo video

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