Widow Stream #3 - Dlive

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Had to come up with a name for these series since I'll be doing it a lot.

I'm still in the process of testing Dlive. In the previous stream I've cranked up the bit rate all the way up to 15Mbps but my encoder was showing me warning signs that something might not be good. (probably at the receiving end)
Than I thought, since this is not Youtube and the viewers cannot set their own desired resolution (yet) it might be foolish from me to push these high bit rates on them since they might not even have the right bandwidth to receive it.
In short terms, they probably gonna see a choppy/laggy video.

I'm gonna try it again with just 5Mbps and hopefully it will be watchable for everyone.
I'd appreciate some feed back on the quality!

Thanks! :)

My live stream is at DLive