How To Liberate Your Content From DLive

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I don't have many videos on dlive but id still love to get them back and erase them from their servers. Any clues of how id do that with a phone?

Android or iOS? I'll see if I can't piece together something for you.

I'll see what I can put together for you tomorrow.

Android Video Download

I wasn't able to find an easy way to download streams from Android but I was able to find a video downloader that worked for me.

1.) Download "Video Downloader" from the Google Play Store -

2.) Using the built in browser head to your video that you are seeking to download.

3.) When the video loads you should see the Red Download button in the lower right of the screen. Click it to begin.

4.) It will cause a popup to appear with another download button. Hitting this one will start the process.

5.) You video will begin downloading and will move from Pending to Finished when complete.

And, done!! Thanks a million @patrickulrich, you rock!

Happy I was able to help! I don't know about you but I will be utilizing a mix of for streaming and for any replays and video uploads moving forward.

I dont upload videos that often but yeah, thats also my plan. I've already tried dtube once tho, I thought it was taking too much time to load, and that it might have finished my data. So I aborted the mission. lol Will give a try too one of these days and see how it goes.

And all those times you tried to make me go on dlive haha. It totally sucks they're leaving

I know right! I have to say I was certainly in the wrong on this one.

I'm sure you'll be okay with whatever steem app you decide to pursue next :)

Thanks for sharing this post.
It seems like that Dlive Cheated Steemit, Now they are pointing flaws in steemit and moving to Lino Network....I Think video creator of will stick with steemit platform after moving all their data linked from Dlive.

Highly rEsteemed!

Thank you @frankbacon. I view this how-to as the beginning of my atonement for those users who uploaded their content to watch it all move away.

Great post man. This will help people out for sure.

Thank you @steemcafe! I figure this is the least I can offer those I brought into this mess. I hope everyone will find a new Steem home for their content.

Why they are going what just happened over night

1UP woke up and didn't like their bye-bye post:


They made quite a few claims to why they are leaving on their trending post (I wish bot owners would remove votes and refund value instead.) I, however, don't see any reason that any of the listed reasons would not be viable on the Steem chain either now or with future upgrades like HF20 or SMT.

Very useful guide for those who have used this DApp. I'll link to it too.

Very useful guide
For those who have used this DApp.
I'll link to it too.

                 - gadrian

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

DLive has abandoned the Steem blockchain!

As you may have seen in DLive's post they are abandoning the Steem blockchain. @dlivecommunity does not condone this action and would ask you to reconsider your streaming options. Please take a look at Steem friendly options like or to continue receiving rewards on the Steem blockchain.


@dlivecommunity is a community project built to help streamers navigate their way through @dlive and the overall Steem ecosystem. We are not affiliated with @dlive.

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