Fortnite w/ Ps4 Friends - Saturday Stream [DLive]

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Another LIVE stream grinding out some Fortnite. Support the stream by upvoting/donating for recognition! ENJOY

New Fortnite Unconfirmed LEAKS:

Cloaked Star -

Controller Pickaxe:

Ghost Portal Backbling:

Field Surgeon:

Flatliner Pickaxe:

Care Package:

Triage Trooper:

Gurney Gear Backbling:

Airlift Glider:

Stage Slayer:

Kick Drum Backbling:

Synth Star:

Keytar Backbling:

Lead Swinger Pickaxe:


Crafted Carrier Backbling:


Tree Splitter Pickaxe:

Hot Ride Glider:

Airlift Glider:

ALL are unconfirmed but probably real and belong to

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Twitter: Patchez

Steemit/DLIVE: @Patchnotes


My live stream is at DLive

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