Normal, Mild Deaf Audiogram to Adjustments for Audiogram

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Using my audiogram to simulate the best I can to show you what normal audio sounds like for regular hearing, for a mild deaf to a corrected audiogram (audiogram is developed for use with conduction headphones for those with mixed hearing loss). This is at 20% system audio so the correction adjusted for my audiogram doesn't blow out your eardrums for you hearies out there. :)

The requirements that make this work for me (but not other deafs) are as follows due to my mixed hearing loss (Conductive and Sensorineural)

  1. Modified conduction headphones for increased power (battery) or high end conduction headphones. (I use modified high end)
  2. You need your audiogram from your audiologist, you can request a copy if you don't receive one after your hearing test.
  3. A highly specific equalizer for your entire system audio system, the system built in equalizer works but doesn't work well enough.
  4. Adjust your equalizer to increase volume in the frequencies you have difficulties with, the increase should match the depth of the hearing loss on your audiogram in reverse. So instead of it being low you increase it to high. Do this for the full range of frequencies you can't hear or can't hear well.
  5. Leave the frequencies you already hear or hear well alone and completely untouched.
    That concludes how to do this. If you prefer to watch this on YouTube, the embed for that is below.

Note: You need the audiogram for your sensorineural hearing loss, you're meant to bypass the conductive hearing loss using the conductive headphones, however this won't be the case for everyone with conductive hearing loss as conductive headphones don't work for all of us, depending on where your conductive hearing loss is. Mine is the eardrums themselves, others might have conduction issues in the bones of the ears which may not produce any viable results for you.

My video is at DLive

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That's revolutionary and fun dude


Super glad you enjoyed the demonstration.