PUBG | Just.. Just let me land in

in dlive •  2 years ago 


Hey friends,

Im back again to play something to be a relax at evenings. I used to play FPS games back in 1998-2005. Later on, i got tired of spending a day with playing games. However PUBG is something i can be in competition with others. So lets see how capable i am.

My live stream is at DLive

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Ever tought of playing fortnite same as PUBG but u can build in it too

There is an asses had to be kicked. Im in.

Hey dude, have a nice game, before you start streaming you need to play and finish Limbo :)) This game remembers me a game with zombies :)) is it the same?

Damn @omersurer, i just died because i go out from the car. Duck!

dayı naptın ya :D

saw it lol :D

@kwonn. Elimi ayağımı :)

valla tam yayına girdim arabadan attın kendini reis :D

hocam birde ekrarnın sağ tarafa kaymış tam ortalı değil yani obs den oyun yakalamadan pencereye sığdır istersen sağ taraf gözükmüyor yoksa

Tamamdir. tesekkur ettim :)