JetSki Ride Along with Old Guy Beats LOL

in dlive •  3 months ago


Ride along on the jet ski while we listen to beats by the Old Guy LOL.... I know I am a total noob on LMMS but I enjoy fooling around with music. I love LMMS because it is free and open source! Check it out at

My video is at DLive

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Very cool. Well, I say that, but, you know how I do not jetski. This video makes it look so much more fun than the one playing in my head. Perhaps I will give it another shot.

Of course, the kayak rules, but, the video sure looks cooler from the back seat of this little toy.

Thanks for taking me for a spin.

Upped and Steemed


No comment on my sick beats... W E L L! now that just speaks volumes!!!! P F F T!!!!!!!!!!!!! From my bestest buddy mp less :(

LOL! Oh I get it...oh yes it is jealousy...Now I understand LOL


Not at all. It wouldn't finish the video for me. It took forever to watch some of it and it was in buffer mode the rest of the time. MP less?

Color me stupid or ignorant...

Now that is a pretty awesome vid.

Ohhh, a jet ski. I’ve still never ridden one of those. I’ll have to put that on my To Do List for next summer.


Oh yeah lots of fun!!