Fitness contest week 18

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My name is Nomvula and I go to the beach daily to do my exercise of yoga, headstand and whirling!
Yes I have a sixpack and I dance for upto one and a half hours.
I use creative visualization and I use dance as a tool to manifest my wishes.
I were crippled 10 years ago, and I can still not run or jump, but I can whirl for hours!
This clip is my abundance dance where I dance for my abundance as well as the abundance of all the Earth's nations.
Thank you for watching!
organic love,

My video is at DLive

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thank you @donwhale! much appreciated!

Great post and lovely video!
Please change one tag to #donatelloclubdigitalcard.
Thank you so much!


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Great post, thanks for sharing!


thank you! I also like it.

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I'm debating if it's harmful or better to adjust the tags once dlive, dtube or dsound has set theirs by default.


Dlive makes funny tags once it imports the post into steemit. It adds Dlive in front of every tag


Leave it It's probably better to leave those tags so it gets seen on those said platforms.


Thank you for taking part!


WOW!!!! that is just so awesome! Thank you kindly!