Why People Hate Call of Duty - Dlive Exclusive

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Undoubtedly one of the biggest gaming franchises of all time, Call of Duty has had a hard time avoiding hatred and criticism. From their unusual partnership with Xbox One to their consistent attempts and reinventing themselves the series has struggled to stay relevant.

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I use to love that game

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Nice post! I stopped playing call of duty two years ago, and this video just made me realize how many hours I spent on the same game every year lol.

Still a love hate thing, and ill still probably get Black Ops 4!

I know I was talking to a bunch of people in the Dlive discord about their dissatisfaction with the series. It's what prompted me to make the video. Thanks for the comments mate!

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Man I hate call of duty almost as much as I hate Microsoft. Don't blame me for keeping this beast alive; I've never bought a CoD game.

Really in your entire life? That's crazy. I think I've owned like 4. I'm part of the problem :p
I stopped along time ago tho so I'm a reformed junkie.

Great and nice editing it's the first time I saw your video on dlive great work

Thanks mate really appreciate it. I've got more coming!

Great video! But so true, unless we stop buying which we don't, they will not stop. I have come down from plays weeks of playtime and maxing prestige to barely getting a week of gameplay and 2-3 prestiges in the last two. However, Treyarch is boss at COD so this year will be another opportunity given.

Hahaha it's like a drug isn't it

I have not like any of the COD since the second one.... Terrible games that I will not spend a dime on.

Oh man the original two are classics!

I loved them, Not so much a fan of anything more modern on that series though. If I need an FPS fix there are many many other great titles I can turn to

I like the multiplayer in short bursts in Call of Duty. Once they added the jet packs in it though, it went down hill.

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