Let's Play: Battlerite

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Battlerite is a free to play Multiplayer Online Battle Arena that's based off the original hit, Bloodline Champions.

It has a lot of comparisons to LoL and DotA, with several visual similarities, but in essence it's actually more like a "top-down" version of WoW arena.

If that sounds like your kinda thing, feel free to join me climb the ranks!

My live stream is at DLive


Yeah we talked about it, that's why i want to buy it, i trust in the guy

Yoh Nathan, got your stream on my second monitor :) stay safe, good luck on Battlerite

Try to get minnowbooster to upvote your post maybe?

I usually vote trough PAL's discord, my only problem is with grumpycat, i've seen him flagging some posts, sometimes for no reason

I know how to play, but i haven't played in a while

Need to check that out then... writing steemstem posts takes all my time, i'm writing one now that will probably be my biggest one

UK time = Portugal time, with classes i can't have my sleep screwed, need my brain fresh for the morning

I've seen a agario based game that you can earn steem, but i still haven't checked that out

agar.io, that game where you are a little bubble and you can eat smaller bubbles and get bigger, and you can also devide yourself into smaller bubbles, it's a really famous game

Yes more or less, but there are other snakes there that can eat you

i've heard about it, never did any research about it

I think TRX is trying to do the same thing... my next buy is either STEEM, EOS or NEO maybe after that i can look into Enj

Yeah xD Tron, they have a bad rep, but if you go look at their partnerships they announce them and do them, and the main net is coming 31 march

TRX bad rep came from the fact that it went from 0.03 to 0.3 back to 0.03... pump and dump

Everything is alright

I have no BTC, it was my first buy but the damn transfer fees, i invested 200bucks and the fee was 15 bucks

Maybe with Lightning Network coming up

BTW how are your refereum points? I'm at 3.2k atm, trying to get to 5k

They implemented a "watch videos daily for 50 points" a few weeks ago

They only accepted ppl with more 10k money i think...

I'm not buying any tokens, i just want the free ones xD

No, ill check it out now brb

It looks like a good coin, but still risky, i've seen some good talk about aelf

I got a guy that donated me 50 XLM on reddit, i told him not to seel ETH and after 1 week ETH went from 800 to 1000, he thanked me and sent me 50 XLM, i was so happy, it's 25 bucks, maybe 100 in the future

Yes stellar

I'm waiting for a ledger wallet, it's coming in march i think

Well i'm leaving, need to work on my post, PS- I can't see you on the mainpage of dlive so you are probably having the bug again

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