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Crypto & Cardio #9: EOS is launched! What next?

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Over the weekend the EOS blockchain was launched.

In today’s video I talk about the next stage in the process, activation and factors that will come into play with token holders being in a position to vote on the first set of elected Block Producer.


First off, kudos to the EOS Community/ Block Producer Candidates for reaching a consensus and going-live with an ogreed main-net. With such a diverse group of stakeholders there could have easily been a situation where there were 3 or 4 chains competing to be a main-net, the fact that there is only one is a mini- triumph in itself.

Almost there

There is now the small matter of getting the chain activated. This requires 15% of token holders to elect block producers. Once the chain is activated, tokens can be unstaked and transactions/ all that good stuff can happen on the blockchain.

Work not done

This could be a potentially tricky phase.

Firstly, there are still a lot of tokens locked up in exchanges. I doubt that exchanges will make these eligible for voting any time soon.

Secondly, larger EOS will likely be hesitant to risk their tokens by putting them on nascent tools. Scatter and Greymass are emerging as the leading wallets to vote with. However, speaking for myself I’d need to do more investigating before using them.


Primarily, I’d like to safeguard against either my own computer or the software being compromised in some ways. Like having an ability to be notified on when tokens have been unstaked. And being able to set parameters on the amount of tokens that can be withdrawn without a waiting period. Similar to the safeguards that exist on Steem in terms of locking up tokens Steem Power or Savings.

This would give me more confidence about exporting my private keys to one of the community wallets. Eventually I expect an ‘official’ wallet to emerge as well as integration to hardware wallets like the Trezor or Ledger. Until then there is an opportunity for a Block Producer candidate(s) to really stand out by helping facilitate voting either by building or validating a voting tool.


So in conclusion, props to the EOS community for agreeing on a chain that will be the main-net. However don’t expect hitting 15% of token holders voting to activate the chain to be a formality (unless big whales come in and push it over the line). And BP candidates should use now as an opportunity to really stand out in terms of facilitating voting amongst EOS token holders.

My video is at DLive

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The 15% voting threshold has been reached. The mainnet is live and the voyage can truly begin.


I was hoping that when the EOS mainnet went live, it would be the start of a new bull run. But I was mistaken :(
People do find it more important that a small centralized exchanged was hacked, than that one of the leading blockchains had a small success!
I do wonder how fast the value of EOS will skyrocket when the bulls do enter the market!



I was think when I see someone say this :)


It is so unpredictable in today's market that no one really knows what we knew last year any more.

I hope things get better for all of us in the near future maybe a month to two from now.


Negative news always tops positive news. Always. Unfortunately..


Yes...or maybe people have been spending more than they could afford since December & pulling out now. A small hack will help push that decision along some more.

Congratulations on the launch. All fingers are crossed to see how it goes

Good fantastic post friend

Menyena jed

It's going to be a while before the chain takes off, but this is one of my favorite crypto projects out there. Big things are definitely coming for EOS.

Definitely fine with it dropping right now. I'm getting more money in. Let's hope it gets up there or even passes ETH someday. I might be reaching a bit but hey....I can dream. Ever since one of my friends told me to look into EOS I've liked it. I just wish I would've acted sooner. Thanks for the post Nanzo! I like how you explain your topics.

This was a nice explanation. I bought some EOS token, but didnt really understand the aim of the platform. Now many points are clear :)

Hi, @nanzo-scoop! Was followed your steemit!


I will follow you too @Kailin. follow me too i am new in Steemit

I'm currently considering using D.Tube in addition to my YouTube channel,


I am just creating a new youtube now for crypto analyzing besides my old regular one and hopefully then i will follow your footsteps to also use DTUBE

I like it...
more post and video please

Let the workouts flow just as always. EOS has made the future so clear now.thanks for sharing this @nanzo-scoop

First of all have a great kickboxing session! I’m glad they agreed on one main-net. I was following EOS New York very closely. Thay explained how to register and how to be able to vote on Scatter. As of now, it’s a little too complicated for me. I’m going to wait until things cool down a bit, which would help me to make a better decision about whom to vote for. By that time, I’m pretty sure there would already be 15% required to activate the chain.

Eventually I expect an ‘official’ wallet to emerge as well as integration to hardware wallets like the Trezor or Ledger.

That’s what I would like to wait for as well. There might be many scammers in the beginning. Once I get recommendation from multiple sources I trust (you or other steemiens I follow) I will pull the trigger. When it comes to price, EOS is perfect example of buy the rumors and sell the news. But that’s fine, we are in it for a long time.

So if the token holders react positively then there will be a blast for sure.I am very hopeful about EOS.Let's see what happens.Now in the crypto market every thing seems very risky.A totally unstable market.The scenario should change unless there will be no future.

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Really interesting @nanzo-scoop. I have some EOS but really didn't know that much about the tech. Do you think we might see EOS go up in value this summer?

i am only one day old here so it is fun to watch experienced people like you explain stuff. thanks alot

I just followed you too sir. I am your younger brother from Wakanda . thanks

Aww so excited for eos!

Good job @nanzo-scoop! It is an interesting project, that to be successful requires a lot of work, dedication, enthusiasm and reatividad so that people are excited to invest, it is a good way, we must motivate ourselves! Thanks for sharing!

Crypto & Cardio... i like the idea...

Nice one Nanzo :D
Splendid British accent man.
Bigups to Eos and the rest for changing the world!

Good video
Upvote me please

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I earlier upvoted and resteemed you besides following you too.

I am only 2 days old on steemit and would make a my night memorable if i woke up to find you as a follower. I want to be like you when i grow up as a steemian


Hi sir this is Julia want to ask something personal and not related to EOS, sir in your personal opinion upto when the Bitcoin will reverse it's downside, and will Steem again cross the last high or we are trapped now?

Where can you actually purchase EOS? Cannot seem to find an exchange that is offering it?


I saw it on Binance. Not sure if it's the real Eos token or an erc20 eth token. There doesn't seem to be an Eos wallet out yet either, and I don't mean for the erc20 token. Bloody confusing...