My first VLOG! Business Travel Tips From Boston

in dlive •  9 months ago


Hey guys, this is my very first VLOG!

I thought whilst I was travelling through the U.S. I’d document my trip and share some insights via video.

This relates somewhat to my previous posts here.

In this video I comment on some business travel tips that I’ve personally found useful and I comment on them as they are relevant to this trip.

This trip has seen me travel from New Zealand to Los Angeles, Salt Lake City, Chicago, Boston, Burlington, back to Boston, San Francisco then Los Angeles again and finally back home to New Zealand. However, this video just covers the Boston part of the trip as that was when I found the most spare time!

I hope you find this VLOG interesting and useful and, as always, I’d appreciate your feedback.

Take Care,


Alan Brannigan
Husband, Father, CEO, Entrepreneur, Tech-Geek, Crypto Enthusiast, Believer in Freedom and Liberty

Steemit - @nalabra

My video is at DLive

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Nice! Excellent tips and very original video. Congrats... I hope to see some others...

I love travelling and I have just posted a travel curiosity to know! Go to check it!


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Have a Big Fans to traveling

Nice experience .. Good for sharing
Really cute boy
Wonderful .. Post great‏..

Nice .. Great post
Half of what we learn from travel .. is life
Thank you for your words..‏

Nice .. Great post
Half of what we learn from travel .. is life
Thank you for your words..‏



Awesome, looks like you're already off to a good start

i love the way you made this video. Thanks for sharing


Thanks @choiboo, it was a bit of an experiment so I'm glad you liked it!

Nice video I learnt from it ! But I can't keep me from noticing a few thing. You should handle more your security when you're travelling, you're a business man, people can be interested in you or your data. I wrote a few ways to keep your privacy when you're travelling if you want to have a look. We can share our travel tips after !


Thanks @laazarus , some pretty good tips there. Especially the SD card under your watch!


Yes, i experience this one frow a long time, save my butt more than once !

Alan, I've lived in the Boston area for nearly 50 years but I've never experienced it from the perspective of a Kiwi business traveler. Your video is excellent both for the tips you shared on business travel, and on Boston in particular. Resteemed, upvoted, and followed.

I'm amazed that you found time in your busy schedule to experience so much of Boston (and some of Cambridge as well, since MIT is across the river) in such a short time. The Celtics are going strong, having progressed to the next round of the playoffs. It's great that you got to enjoy the TD Garden. I saw that you were close to Fenway Park. Maybe next visit you can take in a Red Sox game, although I don't know how popular baseball is in New Zealand.

The Liberty Hotel is a wonderful boutique hotel in the Back Bay / Beacon Hill section. You correctly sensed that Boston is the ideal walking city, something like San Francisco. The Common and the Charles river bank are ideal spots for your walks and meditation.

I used to travel extensively and understand the need for "chilling out" and to maximize downtime, to recharge your batteries. I'm sure your meetings were successful, largely because of your upbeat attitude.

Come back soon!



Thanks Ira, Boston is an amazing city. Unfortunately there were no Red Sox home games when I was there. Otherwise I would have gone to a baseball game as well. I did explore Fenway Park though.

My dream would be to run the Boston marathon one day so I'll aim for that!


Where in New Zealand are you from? I've traveled to many countries but never had the chance. Met many Kiwis, especially on cruises. My impression is that it's something like Switzerland, except in the southern hemisphere, and that they are very international minded. Once they get off the islands, they tend to just keep traveling.

My wife and I did an Oceania cruise from Papeete to Lima, stopping in the Pitcairn Islands. They claim to be the remotest spot of land on earth, although there is some competition, such as South Georgia. The population is less than 50, and the entire island came aboard to sell genuine Pitcairn products such as "Welcome to Pitcairn" T shirts made in Nicaragua, as well as wood carvings and honey. Somehow, New Zealand administers the island. This was in 2013. There was one NZ policeman who constituted the entire police force. He came onto the ship. There was some nasty business a few years ago relating to sexual abuse. Somehow I think New Zealand was dragged into it. I don't know all the details.

Running the Boston Marathon is indeed the dream of every runner (from wannabe to world class). This year, the US runners won the men's and women's race, after a drought of nearly 30 years. Kenya and Ethiopia have had the most success recently.

Thank you for sharing a very well structured and complete visual anecdote of your business trip; although, as you say, it's your first such presentation, it looks almost professional. At least, to me. It's enjoyable that you allow those of us who, like me, have never set foot in Boston, a look at its sights, sounds, and people. Your tips, that you manage to blend in with those sights, are a good bonus; the most interesting for me was the first one - where you mention exercise and meditation as a means to get a good start into your day. What I don't have a clue about is, who the heck is holding the camera when you're outdoors? Thanks for the share.


Thanks @jorgemartin for the positive feedback. Running and meditating in public parks etc are my favourite ways to explore a new place (along with visiting food markets). In my view it's much better than travelling around by taxi or taking guided tours etc.

By the way, I use a portable tripod for the camera which I carry in a backpack while running.


Greetings, nalabra! Best wish to you for make many new friends here on Steemit! All the Best


Thanks @cheneats, I'm looking forward to it!

congrats for your first VLOG

Very useful tips. Thanks for sharing!!!


you're welcome @vicmir, thanks for commenting.

a different view thanks.

Welcome! Nice to steemit you ;-)


thanks @feelisgood. I'm looking forward to learning more about Dlive


you will succeed!

Nice blog your cool reputation will grow you.

Congrats on your first vLog! I've been planning to do a vLog and it's something I intend to get started in the future. This is additional motivation reminding me to get the recording studio live vLog together! Keep on achieving! I have a feeling when I get my; "Run out of the way." And, break the ice it's a nice form of content to produce for followers! I followed!

@nalabraI believe it was a success judging by what i see.


yes, it was a pretty good trip. I'm looking forward to going home though!

nice post.thnx for sharing us about ur first blog....

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Thanks you made a good video to share just love it


Thanks @ejtehad110, much appreciated.

Nice video.have a nice day nalabra.


thanks @tranquangngoc, you too.

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There are several business man in this universe.I am very sure they will learn something from this 1st class category post.thanks to you man.


thanks for the feedback @sareebhaq

Cuenta con mi apoyo, Saludos de parte de @ydavgonzalez

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@nalabra, on behalf of the DLive Team, Welcome! I'm not sure if you are still in the states but if you are, and in the NYC area, we are hosting our very first DLive Meetup. If you're at all interested Kent (Founder) made a Steemit post about it


Thanks @jimmylin, unfortunately I'm in L.A. about to fly back to New Zealand. I would have loved to have been there! I'll keep a look at the next time I'm over. Cheers, Alan.

Greetings from PL

this amazing travel bussiness

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thanks for this awesome article...

hello friends this is good, I really like this post is great, very good image and article too, can count on my vote and my criticism, nothing more to say eme dismiss his friend @manduto 👋

Thanks for this great post. You are therefore a great traveler. Are you a tourist or just a businessman because your trip describes you more of a tourist than a business man. I think you post will encourage me to have some trips round the world. I will try to keep in touch with you always


Hi @samascholastica, it was a business trip. However, one of the ideas I was sharing is that you should be able to add some tourist elements to your business trip. As much for your own sanity as anything else.

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Nice video i wait for more :3

I love travelling, hope to be able to travel on business some day too @nalabra


Yes it's one of the benefits of how to work so many hours! Hopefully you get to do that one day. Take care.

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very helpful post.

Great post!!


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i'd be so ready for the day if there was a river like that around here. huhuhuh! i love this, vlog.
i'll do something like this too. thank you so much for inspiring!

Traveling and knowing places is wonderful.

Greetings, I like it and give you upvote , have fun!


Thanks @budajored, much appreciated!


you're welcome , come and check my blog too

The video is so convenient! Thanks for sharing :)

I loved living in Boston, even though I couldn't afford it when I was there.

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Nice video ,i love the way you made the video


Thanks for the kind feedback @whizben

Do you like hitchiking too? i love traveling around the world


Hi @pouriap2, no I've never tried hitchhiking. I've always been too nervous to. How has it worked out for you? Have you ever run into problems hitchhiking?

Your post is very good!

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Wow, Boston is really beautiful. Your video is wrong. It's really great!


it was amazing, maybe sometimes for the next trip you can come to my country (Indonesia), because it was very beautiful place.


Hi, I've lived in Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong before and I've travelled through much of Asia. However, one of my big regrets is that I never made it to Indonesia. It is definitely on my 'To Visit' list though. It looks like an amazing country.

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extremely helpful, amazing post defo read/ watch 🤙 💪 😆 😉 😊


Thanks @inrahimwaraich, much appreciated.

Greetings from Venezuela, I invite you to see my interpretation of time in a bottle I hope you enjoy it


Good vlog

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That's some great tips, thanks a lot.

Hi @nalabra, watch your video & i am so much learnt.
your tips & tics is extraordinary & informative.
waiting for your next update ✌

woow, indeed great

Great post!
Thanks for tasting the eden!

you are really smart creating this video

Thanks for posting! I haven't done much business travelling myself in recent years, but much of your advice seemed to resonate with own experiences.

Also...was the escalator really that squeaky, did you add the sound in post production? ;)


Hi @jamesdeagle, yes it really was that squeaky. It was so distracting that I felt I had to make a feature out of it 😉

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Really good advices. Thanks a lot.

greetings dude.Congratulation on your first blog
it is really helpful.keep up the good spirit

Quite inspiring...keep it up

hoping to see more of this great work here everyday, well done


Nice of you to vlog. Are you from Boston?

it's really god projects

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hey great video... really explained well...!

This was very well done and put together! Keep it up! (:

Łoł first vlog first video and too many upvotes and users how the possibly ? RESPECT FROM POLAND