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We have a working test version of my Upvote project for Wangchange. Big shout out to @inertia for helping bring this idea to reality

@MichaelLuchies is the lucky guy this week as he gets to test the first WangChange upvote rewarded to the "Player of the Week" in the Steem Poker League.

Once again, I'm back to searching for Steem Power to be delegated to my account to make this a exciting benefit to add to the WangChange Token.

Join me in this hangout and we can discuss how this token works and what to expect as we continue testing.

Looking for Sponsors | Investors | Donations to help cover the cost of production expenses. Currently I'm unable to stream to Dlive if I'm streaming on Youtube & Twitch.

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.....chants... WangChange! WangChange! WangChange! :)

I always held it, never sold it. Thanks @inertia for helping with this... :)


Thank you for continued support @intelliguy... hope you enjoyed the stream today... best stream i've done, start to finish.

Sounded like somone had cotton mouth.... Lol