First Time I Ever Seen Someone Smash A Guitar On Stage & I Got It On Camera!!!

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Yesterday I attended the annual Music Is Art festival here in Buffalo N.Y. I was invited by a close friend of mine to perform with him. Of course I had to go and support.

After we performed we went and checked out the other acts performing. I didn't shoot much video but I did catch a live freak show!!!!

Today's video is this dude smashing a guitar on stage after one of his strings broke. You won't be able to see the actual string break but you will see him bug out!!!!

Watch until the end to see his graceful exit off the stage!!!!!

The place was pretty big check out the entire map. We performed where the red circle is.


My video is at DLive

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It happens. Ive had issues with the sound before. I never smashed my own shit though. lol


Yeah I know shit like that happens all the time but it was the first time I saw it in person.

Call him SERENAde Williams.

I once saw Kurt Cobain smash his guitar on stage, long before they were known to the grand public! Didn’t get it on camera though ;-)
Great pice of vid you got here!