The Time Is Now!!!! Not Tomorrow Not The Day After Not Next Year BUT NOW!!!!

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If you wanna get to your destination uou have to start moving today. We have all heard the saying "Why put off something until tomorrow if you can do it today". Every journey starts with one step but in order to get to where you going you have to keep moving. A journey of 1,000 miles starts with one step. Watch my vlog for more!!!!

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I think sometimes we ourselves are the ones who put limitations in saying that we can not do things today and that then there will be time for that, the worst thing is to waste time that does not return


Exactly which is why "THETIMEISNOW"!!!! We must work hard to get to where we going.

The line "A journey of 1,000 miles starts with one step" is the stunning one to me. Yes, I am agreed with your opinion. Your video is really cool.


Never said it was... I just so happen to be smokin one when I took the pic.


Weed is more important than cigaret 👍🏿💯🇬🇱

That's pretty dope @mrviquez. I wish I could teleport to you and direct your production, because your performance skills and ensemble is on point my sir..