Premiering The Official Intro For The "ShitCoin" Music Video!!!!!! Full Music Video Coming Soon!!!!

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Finally I have something to show you guys!!!! The video producer sent me this video last night. This is just to give you guys a small feel of what the music video will be like. I want to give a huge shout-out to @ackza and @surfyogi for making this video a reality. They have been incredibly helpful and without them this project would still be collecting dust. I hope you all enjoy and Stay Tuned for the official video!!!!!!

My video is at DLive

Watch on Youtube in 4k!!!!

Just Uploaded "ShitCoins" on Musicoin!!!! Click on the picture to listen to the song!!!!

Join our discord today!!!!!

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I hope you all enjoy this post!!!!!

Until the next post


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That 4k though!
"I already know about Obama son relax" 😂😂😂
This shit excites me i love this song!!!! So dope nice work peoples can't wait to see the rest that intro is bomb!!


Thanks for taking the time to watch it!!!!! Glad you liked it.

wow wow @mrviquez if this is only part of the introduction, then I want to see what's coming. Very good video. Congratulations to @ackza and @surfyogi to continue the achievements, to then give the welcome to success.
Good vibes.

Nice track bro, I tipped you on musicoin and am imnpressed with where the video is headed. Thank you for promoting blockchain with Hip-Hop. I will get you into @emsteemians pronto.


Welcome to @emsteemians!! We are still working on sponsorship, but when we get it we should have some decent support for conscious Hip-Hop.


Thanks I really appreciate it!!

I love music. I like it this post. Thanks for sharing this post.