Starting From Scratch After Our Discord Was Erased From Existence!!!!

in dlive •  3 months ago


Well I guess today isn't the best day. As many of you know I have been part of the Smart Media Group discord for some time. Today out of no where we were maliciously targeted and attacked due to a technical error. It's extremely sad to see a year's worth of work just gone.

For those of you who are still interested in being a part we are building it up again. We will not let this stop us from pursuing our mission. Join us as we rebuild our community!!!!

My live stream is at DLive

Just Uploaded "ShitCoins" on Musicoin!!!! Click on the picture to listen to the song!!!!

Join our discord today!!!!!

Don't forget to vote for @Block-Buster for Witness!!!

To vote, use the link above, and go to the bottom of the page, and enter block-buster into the box and click the VOTE button:

I hope you all enjoy this post!!!!!

Until the next post


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