Day One Of The "Shitcoins" Music Video Shoot Is Complete!!!!!

in dlive •  4 months ago


Just wrapped up day one on this music video shoot. It was pretty fun and I took a couple videos and made a small behind the scenes look for you all!!!! Shout out to @ackza and @surfyogi for their help in making this thing come to life!!!!!!

Stay tuned for more behind the scenes videos for this project and finish product by September!!!!!

My video is at DLive

Join our discord today!!!!!

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I hope you all enjoy this post!!!!!

Until the next post


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ahhhhh its going down!!!


yeah man, fuuuck yeah i upvoted resteemed and showing to to everyone man like @surfyogi @fyrstikken @thejohalfiles everyone gonna see this! WOOO its gonna be lit! I have never been more serious about anything!
Thanks to everyone who helped make all this possible from @fyrstikken and @thejohalfiles with the original shitcoin support for the song for @mrviquez and now @surfyogi getting this Music Video up and running , its just so great I really hope we get support from all steemians to make this FINISHED music video have 1 million views organically on youtube BEFORE we pay for the VEVO Music Video Youtube Ads !

Nice! getting the crew together for the Shitcoins Video! Can't wait!


dude its gonna be legit ill show you the custom steem chain when it arrives from the jeweler in 30-40 days , the jeweler is gonna give me updates

Ordered so many nice pieces tho the video is gonna be amazing!

Can't wait to see it! been blasting this on my steem monsters playlist for awhilel -= great song!

Wow very wonderful dlive-vedio . I like it art zone . thank you so much my friend.

First! :D
Was checking out your scorum post when i saw you added a new vid

Just going to put this here:


Hahahaha thats funny!!!!! Really thought his name was James

hehe that's actually a really good jam

"That's our way of investing without having a white collar on" hehe

I see that the project is more advanced, I hope the successes continue!

More success, keep moving 😎

bitcoin and all the shitcoins demonopolizes and decentralizes trading/investing

I laughed the whole time bro.. dope tracks too