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RE: Travel with me #116 : Ürgüp, Pigeon Valley and the Sultan Cave hotel!

in #dlive6 years ago

Wow! Such an amazing adventure. That video of the Sultan Caves Suite that you stayed in was incredible. Such a great view as well. Was it very expensive to stay there? I definitely need to put this location on my bucket list. Those Wizard hat rocks were so cool! They kind of reminded me of a "Smurf" village. lol Are you familiar with that cartoon? haha. Another great post! :)


Oh mrchef, I actually wasn't aware of the Smurfs until you told me, but not that you mention it, they do look verrry similar! The Sultan Caves suite is actually quite expensive for the average prices around the area but actually the prices in general are quite a bit lower than other countries you might visit!

Well great! Now you know what the Smurfs are. lol That is nice to know that it is a fairly inexpensive place to visit. You should travel to the United States! Lots to see and do here. :)

Ahh the US is definitely coming up after my Europe tour!

Awesome!! :) You will love it! You will have to come to Arizona and see the Grand Canyon! :)

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