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RE: Travel with me #115 : The Sun Moon Lake and Rainbow Military Dependent Village!

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Wow everything looks amazing! A Very colorful journey. :) Did you add any saturation at all to the pictures to make the colors pop more? Or were they naturally that colorful? :) The food looked delicious too! I want to visit there some time! haha :)


hi mrchef! Thank you so much! Actually, the rainbow village speaks for itself, I imagine anybody with an iPhone could probably get the same kind of pictures in that beautiful daylight! If you ever do visit, i'm sure you'll know where to look for ideas of what to do and eat right?? :)

You are so very welcome! Really?? That is so amazing how colorful it is. Oh yes I am sure I could get plenty of ideas. haha a good friend of mine is in China right now! She goes there several times a year, and leads a group of people, I think they teach English or something along those lines. One of these times I want to go along too, it would be amazing. She is constantly posting pictures of what they are doing in China. Her last post she had pictures from Hangzhou. Before that her group was with a bunch of Chinese youth and they were building a treehouse in Sian, Zhejiang. Pretty cool stuff. :) She works for this organization -

Wow, that certainly looks like a fantastic initiative and it works really well for both sides too. You should get her to come to steemit and post, I would love to see her stories and pictures!

Thank you! Yes! I really need to talk with her about it. She has so many stories and pictures she could share, steemit would be a great platform for her. I usually just see her posts on Facebook and Instragram. haha

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