Reporting a bug on Steemit (COM 24)

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Reporting a bug.

I've been finding a lot of bugs recently and did some research I want to share with you. is a young project and currently in Beta. When using an early version of a book, then you will usually give it to as many proof-readers as you can. For software proofreading is the equivalent of finding and reporting bugs.

These two basic steps are given for everyone who finds a bug on Steemit:

1) Make sure your Bug is not a Usage Issue.

2) Report your bug to github.

I knew immediately this bug was not a usage issue. I tried to share the bug on Github but they were busy so I decided to share the bug @dlive.

I said, "I knew a Cicada with a missing leg named Shit."

My friend asked me,

"Then what's the name of his other leg?"


Reporter: Hello are you OKAY?

Cicada: I'm missing a leg!

Reporter: He's gonnna catch an ant.

Reporter: The ant is bothering him.

Reporter: They only last a couple days.

Reporter: Oh, it's the wing!

Cicada: My wing is hurt!


Reporter: Can you say something to the camera?

Reporter: Introduce yourself please.

Reporter: What's your name?

Reporter: Where are you from?

Reporter: How are you doing today?

Reporter: Alright, bye bye.

At this point the reporter realized he could not make the Cicada speak again.

Calvin Source

This is my entry for comedy open mic 24 and I want to nominate again @roundbeargames for a laugh and @ozil10 to make a funny post for @comedyopenmic.

My video is at DLive

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Haha, I really enjoyed this! :)


I'm glad it is finished @violetmed. I am not a bug expert. Actually I should have consulted with my son John. He knows them much better than I do. I just wanted to have some fun.

I forgot to mention about Grace Hopper in this one. She really was the the first in this world to find a bug in a computer and she didn't scream about it at all. She just coded her way out.

Quite entertaining! I’ve never seen a cicada being interviewed; for that matter I’ve not seen any kind of insect being interviewed! 😂


There is a first for everything. Thank you for the lovely comment @violetmed. I have one more insect to interview and then I think my blog will be about our trip back to the states. Tomorrow I am taking our fifth and sixth graders on a field trip to a fake English village. They have to practice dialog about an airport, a restaurant and a hair shop. I will try to get some pictures. It should be fun.

ha! interview with a cicada! good camera work my friend.


I think I'm going crazy, but after drinking some ion water I should be fine. Next I'm going to interview a camel cricket.


hahaha! you're so funny mineopoly!


It's only funny because it is true. My voting power is running down but I want to visit your blog and see what damage I can do there.


ha! good day sir's true that you are going crazy or that you're going to interview a camel cricket, whatever that is, a Korean variety?

haha a literal bug!
for some reason your friend seems super interested in the bug.


Haha. She is just as crazy as I am. She felt sorry for the poor thing. Most girls would just be disgusted by these summer singers...

I think the screaming will be the loudest when I get back from the US in the end of August.