Pubg Friday Night! Some CS after! Read Description!

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Giveaway at 50 followers!
Please enjoy the music! you may leave a request in chat!

thank you.

My live stream is at DLive


lmao we almost threw the first map, 2nd map was alright. yeah they just released nuke updates right before our match haha

hey whats up

yes we can play next time i parchased pubg

hey man streaming quality is amazing!

have fun bro :)

you should add an overlay and would be a killer stream :)

@migister what up man, nice to see you here everyday

haha no worries, hows the dinners coming?

im good thanks i stop streaming because i was tired

yea I'll be streaming in a bit here, i'm just checking out streams :P

having fun till the reality of the potential loss kicked in hahaha

do it man, hope you do good at dreamhack

consistency is the key!

Here bro the link for the dlivelabs tutorial do it after so you can see upvotes and comments and follows

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